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Pip Squeak #834

Abigail (Abi) Smith aka Pip Squeak #834

Pip started playing with the Rocket City Rebels in 2017. She came up with her derby name because of a DDG player named Whip Squeak. Her number was inspired by her XBOX One username. When not playing derby she enjoys playing the piano and singing. She has 3 cats at home that she loves. She also has three sisters. Her mom is her hero and she looks up to her for motivation. One thing she cannot love without is her mom. The hardest skill she has to learn is T-Stops. She is still trying to master that skill. Roller derby is a fun sport to her and she really loves playing. Derby has helped her outside of play by showing her everyone has a place in the world. Pip Squeak is a great volunteer during our fundraisers and is a really great kid.. We enjoy having her on the team.

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