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HARMione Danger #636

Liliana Cummings aka HARMione Danger #636

HARMione was able to skate before she start playing roller derby. She decided on her derby name because she loves Harry Potter. Her number was also Harry Potter inspired. There are 636 pages in the "Goblet of Fire". She started playing derby because her dad wanted her to and she is glad he did. She loves playing roller derby now. Lili is really good at her turn around stops and shows that skill as much as possible. Outside of derby HARMione enjoys drawing and of course reading Harry Potter. Once she finishes playing derby and graduates she wants to travel the world. Her favorite derby position is a blocker. She has two cats at home and 5 siblings. Her heroes are her mom and dad. One thing she can’t live without are

her cats. The hardest skill she learned was her toe stops. Two derby skaters she looks up to are Ginger Ails and Medusa. She is currently a level 3 skater and can’t wait to be able to play more.

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