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Haley's Comet #76

Haley Mattox aka Haley’s Comet #76

Haley became a member of the Rocket City Rebels in 2015 and now has become a level 3 skater. She discovered roller derby by seeing Coach Mel (Rocket City Mel) skating at the skating rink. She came up with her derby name by using her name and well Haley’s comet just fit well. She decided on her number 76 because Haley’s Comet enters the earth’s atmosphere every 76 years. She has not decided what she wants to do when she graduates high school but she has plenty of time for that. She also enjoys sleeping as much as possible and walking her dogs. She has 4 dogs (Arizona, Dash, Bear, and Oreo). Her heroes are her parents. She couldn’t pick between the two. She loves them very much. When asked what she couldn't live without she said, “My friends and family”. The hardest skill for her to learn was the transitions. She worked really hard to get those right. She is still struggling a little with them. The two people that helped her the most in derby was Descender and HARMione Danger. Haley may be a smaller skater but she can skate with the best of them.

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