Meet EllaGator #62

She started playing roller derby with the Rocket City Rebels in January of 2016. She decided to play roller derby because it is interesting and different. Plus, she loves to roller skate. She first heard about roller derby by seeing our team skate in our local Madison Street Festival. Her favorite part of being on the Rocket City Rebels is she gets to skate and all the people are nice.

How is being a part of this team helped you as a person? Ella says, “I feel more energized ever since I started playing; even if I was exhausted after practice.”

Her favorite position is the Jammer. She likes to be able to skate fast around the track and know everyone is counting on her to score points. The hardest skill to learn for her was a T-Stop because she couldn’t get her feet to turn at first. Practice really helped her out with this because she is a pro at it now and helps other newer skaters learn.

EllaGator is a valued member of the RCR team and we all enjoy seeing her bright smile. Thank you EllaGator for being such a great team player.

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