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Skater Profile: Dr. Frank N Hurt-Her #66

Meet Dr. Frank N Hurt-Her!

She is #66 on the Rebels and is a newer addition to our derby family!

Her career goal is to be: "a NON-starving artist 😜"

Her favorite things about derby are: "The coaches and the teammates, because they are always so encouraging and when you need help they will help ya out!"

Advice about derby: "Its not as crazy as it seems! I feel like when most people think of derby they think of girls going out there beating people up.. and that's true. Yes, we do hit people sometimes but we don't beat them up!"

Fun Fact: "I want to live in a van for a year with my pup and a friend and travel the US"

Keep a lookout for more introductions to our amazing skaters! #skaterprofileoftheday

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