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Let us Maximize your Digital Marketing and Business

HOME PAGE :   $900 / year

Extra Benefits:
* First page / highest traffic page
*1/2 page ad in all Home Bout Programs
*Banner of your making hung at all home bouts
 BONUS  : Name/Business on Sponsor Page

Skater Page:         

Contact Us page:   

Extra Benefits:
*High traffic page
*1/4 page ad in all Home Bout Programs

$400 / year

*Every ad will be a link straight to your business page

*Exposure to local and out of state demographics

*Diverse age demographic of kids and adults

*We will use your ad or design a one for you for an additional cost.

*Ad exposure from our fan/client base PLUS potential maximized with meta tags and related search keywords added to page based on your business.

*Print ads Bonus with all web media packages

in our Home Bout Programs

Blog Page:    $250 / year

Extra Benefits:
*Good exposure space with updates linked and pulling from our Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media to page
*1/4 page ad in all Home Bout Programs
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